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Welcome to Root

Root is a vegan juice bar and eatery located in the beautiful town of Newport, Rhode Island, offering juice, smoothies, toasts, bowls, snacks, soups, and other delicious menu items.

We believe in healthy living through the power of healthy eating, hence our effort to put together a menu that not only satisfies our health standards but also our taste buds.

Come visit us between 8am-4pm any day of the week or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

Click here to view our full menu selection.

Delicious AND healthy!

Some of our Nourishing Grain Bowls include the Glow Bowl and East Bowl

Co-owner Kate Moran makes all of the dressings to draw out the best flavors

We love to experiment with different fruits and veggies to make our smoothies

Our featured “Arriba, Arriba! Bowl”

This awesome and nutritious bowl comes with Cumin Spiced Black Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado, House Pickled Jalapeños, Cilantro, Red Onion and Sweet Potato.

*It is served with Lime Agave Dressing.

Check out other menu items here.

Who Are We?

We are you. We believe in healthy living through the power of healthy eating and drinking. We recognize the importance of a good life and understand that one way it could be achieved is through the consumption of natural vegan products. We also understand that the word Vegan tends to make some people immediately think “boring food”.

We have worked hard on putting together a succulent Vegan menu like you have never seen before, since most of our menu items were created and refined by us from scratch. We truly hope you enjoy what we have created and continue on your healthy lifestyle journey with us.

– Kate Moran & Paul Webber (Owners of Root)

We are Kosher Certified!

At Root not only are we all Vegan (no cheese, no milk, no dairy) but we are also Kosher Certified through the help of Rabbi Marc Mandel of Touro.

“Tour groups from all over the Country come to Newport and some are looking for Kosher meals”

– Paul Webber (Root Co-owner)

What people are saying

“Great healthy food, welcome a new choice for fresh veggies. It was great!! Had the spicy stuffed peppers, so good!! Nice friendly owners!! Good luck, you will do well!”

– Maureen Murphy Mills

“Super yummy food! So happy to finally have a delicious vegan restaurant on island. Raw Power was great but I think I already love Root more after eating there just once! Staff was super friendly and I’m looking forward to trying everything on the menu!”

– Taryn Conley

“The bowls are great, the dressings equally awesome! If this was the soft opening, I can’t wait to see how much better it’s going to get! Absolutely great and incredibly fresh vegan food to feed your health jones. Tell ‘em Todd and Mary sent you!”

– Todd Manglass

“Flavorful food, awesome options! Finally a vegan lunch spot in Newport!”

– Carly Esperia

“I am always in search of a good health spot and I was impressed by Root’s short-but-stacked menu. The white bean salad and mellow yellow juice were great. I will definitely be returning as a regular!”

– Kelly G Moran